Hi I'm Andy was born on 08/06/1972. Back in 1997 we came with our Yorkshire Terrier, "Benny" on the dog. Since I am dealing with the training and dog behavior. The behavioral biology of wolves, foxes and other animals is one of my interests. Since 2000 I have worked as a trainer in dog sports. First, in basic training, a little later in agility. With my Border Terrier "Charly" I run for several years in the small capacity class A3 and allowed him to participate as 6 times in a German championship. At the DHV-DM 2007 Than I reached home with a 5th Charly Place in the overall standings. Even with my Border Collie Imp, I started in the meantime with the agility and look forward to the races in the category Large. In our society, the "dog friends Flying Dogs Grosselfingen" I'm next to my role as first Chairman as a facilitator in the fields of basic and agility work. Besides the dog sports, I like to concern myself with the computer. Even the photography course, must not be neglected. Meanwhile, I've started training for agility 2011, the judge in the performance DHV. The final exams are in February 2012, I'm looking forward now as a judge to be working :-)